Maintain and protect all of your digital content.

Neubus' Information Management Service is part of a full suite of Web services built on our Electronic Service Delivery platform, allowing you maintain and protect your information.

Whether your agency is tracking employment claims, business licenses, or other important data, you're likely to have a constant flow of information that must be incorporated into your existing records.  With thousands of paper documents and files, it would cost a fortune and be nearly impossible to update, monitor, protect, and remove the necessary items to keep your files up-to-date and in compliance with statutory guidelines. 

Some technology solutions will only allow you to scan and store documents without addressing these ongoing maintenance needs. At Neubus, we provide a unique advantage by allowing your users to replace, retrieve, or store a specific version of a document and incorporate new files and data from a variety of other sources and formats.

As your agency receives additional paper documents, digital images, emails, videos, or other media related to your current records, our Information Management Service enables you to dynamically incorporate this content into your files. The technology goes far beyond simply saving a new piece of content in your existing file structure; from adding a client's audio/video to inserting a new page into a stored PDF with an existing bookmark structure, our solutions enable you manage and maintain your content in a meaningful, efficient way.

In addition to supporting day-to-day maintenance of your files, Neubus offers secure, off-line storage, backup, and recovery services to help you maintain and protect critical records. Our solutions enable you to decrease exposure to service interruptions, ensure redundancy, minimize the risk of loss, and aid in disaster recovery. 

Whatever your need, Neubus will help you efficiently and effectively manage the lifecycle of your content and protect its integrity. 

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