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Thread: Reunion Tower Renovation

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    Supertall please.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tnekster View Post
    That would be quite a shock to Detroit and Michigan if that were even being considered.
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    what ever it is, I'm sure it will be a welcome addition, especially with that big of an empty lot right there. It must be filled in with something.
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    DMN: Reunion Tower set to open new observation deck after 6-year hiatus

    The observation deck was shut off from the public for repairs and renovations in the fall of 2007 and was expected to reopen two years later. While parts of Reunion Tower and Union Station underwent a major renovation in 2008, a downturn in the economy put the planned overhaul of the observation deck on hold. “When we first started to visualize what we wanted, the recession hit,” Kleinert said. “So we said, ‘Let’s table this for a while.’” Kleinert declined to say how much the observation-deck makeover cost. But he said the prolonged delay paid off because the technology used in the design “evolved so much” over the past six years.

    The Cloud Nine lounge features a “Big Sky” canopy as well as stunning views of downtown Dallas and, on clear days, Fort Worth.

    Large viewing screens in the observation deck will show a variety of informative videos.

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    I sent them a message to ask whether they'd consider selling a $100 annual pass like the Space Needle does. They replied with a typical social media intern "great suggestion" and said they'd pass it along to management. The general manager is actually from Seattle and worked at the Space Needle before coming to work for Reunion Tower, so it's troubling to me that this wasn't an option from the start.

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