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    Renee & Melody

    DallasAg just came in from Manhattan for the holidays, and with him came light.... Not but a few weeks back he decided to quit his job and hit the industry head first.. which is hardcore - i don't care who you are... esp in NYC for pete's sake.. needless to say, i'm proud of the boy..

    Anyway, he bought a few lights and wanted to test them out asap, so the other night we gathered at my place with a few friends and did just that.. In all, there were four cameras on two models, which was a mess, so I really didn't come away with anything to write home about.. More than anything, I wanted Eric to have as much strobe time as possible, having just got the lights and needing to learn. I moreless hung around the set, just grabbing one when I saw it.. Renee and Melody are coming back over sometime soon for a more focused shoot.. So anyway, like I said, its nothing ground breaking, but fun to look at nonetheless..

    Rock this if at all possible.. (I really dig this track)

    Beck - Earthquake Weather

    Renee & Melly-D

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