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Thread: Atlantic Station in Atlanta

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    Atlantic Station in Atlanta

    Hello, first post here.
    I have a question. I have followed the development of Atlantic Station for a while and it will be a great asset for the city of Atlanta in due time. It is similar to Victory in that it was once a brownfield just outside downtown but that's it. When you look at the photos, does it not look similar to West Village? Because from the pictures I've seen of West Village and AS, they look alike.

    But when you talk to the Atlanta posters, they say that Atlantic Station is a development not seen before in the sunbelt cities and is very different from Victory; and that West Village and Atlantic Station are very different developments. I agree that it is different from Victory but I do not see that many differences from West Village and Atlantic Station.Even if you visit the sites for both Atlantic Station and West Village they look alike lol.

    Here is a link to a poster on SSP who took some pictures around AS. What are the differences.

    Sorry if this has been discussed before but I was just wondering. BTW, the comparisons Atlanta makes to Victory I have is their very own, Centennial Park.

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    As a resident of Atlanta and having visited West Village several times,I agree that there are some similarities between AS and WV;however in terms of scale and market mix,they are in differing categories.In terms of Victory and Centennial Park I believe that there are some valid comparisons-W Hotel and Residences(see illustration);proximity to Major sports facilities,etc. But again,there are major distinctions such as scale. All of the developments will be major assets to the respective cities and represent major accomplishments of architecture and "new urbanism"

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    Quote Originally Posted by URBAN GURU
    As a resident of Atlanta and having visited West Village several times
    At this point, which development do you prefer, Atlantic Station or West Village?

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    Now,Atlantic Station between the two( but my favorite here is Glenwwod Park.It is an oustanding example of "new urbanism") however I liked WV alot back in 2000 when I first visited but untill the Blackburn Avenue stuff started WV was looking a little dated. Now, as the upper Uptown area comes on line,WV is looking much better.

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