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Thread: "Midtown" moniker

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    "Midtown" moniker

    So, I'm seeing the term "Midtown" thrown around a lot lately: referring to both the Galleria area, and the Park Lane Place area. Silly me, I thought all of this was just "North Dallas".... how old school am I? Rather than let some real estate developers determine where/what this is, I think the forum should give it a try. Here is my proposal for Midtown:

    Midtown is defined as that area between the Park Cities and the inner ring of burbs north of 635 (hence the midtown bit)- - East of Preston Hollow, and west of Lake Highlands. If we have to do boundaries, how about Hillcrest on the west, Park Lane to the south, 635 on the north, and Abrams on the east

    I'm trying to respect areas like Vickery, Galleria and Northpark as established destination areas. Is Park Lane too far south for a southern border? Unleash the hounds and lets get it decided!!!

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    I would think that you'd want to include areas further west than Hillcrest.

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    I have also seen the area around Mockingbird Station referred to as "Midtown". The Phoenix apartments sell themselves as a "mid-town" location.

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    Shouldn't Midtown be between Downtown & Uptown?

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    If you were looking at just the Dallas city proper, IMO MidTown Dallas would be what we here call LoMac & the Harwood District.

    I've always thought, the area bordered by Wycliff/Sylvan to the North, the Trinity to the West, Woodall Rodgers extension to the south, and Stemmons to the East would be a great area to set up a PID and/or TIF with the MidTown moniker. Since there isn't anything between "Downtown" and "UpTown" look to the west!

    Looking at Dallas & its 'burbs, I think your idea of MidTown is pretty much right.

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