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Thread: Palladium Ballroom

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    Palladium Ballroom

    So, how is this place? What's it like. A friend who lives in Austin is thinking about seeing a show there, has never been before and is curious about the venue.

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    Check with Yelp. People complain a lot about the parking fee, yet I d not know why they just do not use the train, a five minute walk away. It is big, bar is middling (someone complained about no Jameson whiskey or Maker's Mark bourbon - the horror), and general admission is standing. VIP get tables, chairs. Mixed reviews on acoustics. People call the neighborhood ghetto. I assume it is because they arrive and leave in the dark. That area, reinforced with very good private security there and DPD HQ just down the street. It may be one of safer areas anywhere. It does get a lot of bands and a diversity of music. Someone compared it to Austin Music Hall, but they were not big fans of Austin Music Hall.

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    It looks ghetto immediately surrounding the palladium, but I've never had a problem there. Just blocks away, there is plenty of development though. Its an ok music venue. Just think of an emptied out honky tonk and you got it.

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    I've seen some great shows there. If you park in the lots west of the building, you will be waiting a long time to get out. The lots on the east side of Lamar are much easier to exit.
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