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Thread: Plano Entertainmart closing

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    Plano Entertainmart closing

    Folks, while I was out at The Staples off 75 and Parker I couldn't help but notice the yellow store closing sign out front. So before i went in to Staples I when inside and inquired about if the Dallas store off Preston and Alpha was closing too. "Nope!" I was told "Just this one" right now all movie are 30% off and the other electronics will transferred to the Dallas Store . I have a photo here.

    Have a good day all.


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    I didn't know there was one in Plano, just knew about the Preston/Alpha one. I never get to go in that one since I'm not regularly in that part of town except to go to work and I still work nights. I'm not going to sit in the parking lot for 3 hours waiting for a store to open; it takes me long enough to get home on the bus now without any side trips. It would be nice to have extra in the budget though, to browse the place and see what they have.

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