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Thread: Let's Cowboy Up, forced to leave their land

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    Let's Cowboy Up, forced to leave their land

    It's a sad day for the Trinity River Corridor. Let's Cowboy Up, a non-profit horsemanship club is being forced to leave the land they have called home, today, Super Bowl Sunday, right now. Before the horse club moved in, the property was a meth lab and gang hideout. They cleaned it up, made it a safe place for kids. Let's Cowboy Up is apparently caught in the middle between the city and the landowner. The city wants to start eminent domain proceedings and the landowner I guess is wrangling for a good price.

    They are the only non-profit riding club currently in the Great Trinity Forest and the only one that is really geared toward helping children. Stinks that they have to move. Total grassroots effort. I think for the time being they will be forced far away, to Seagoville. That leaves the neighborhood kids without the ability to visit on their own.

    The city has promised Lets Cowboy Up, 37 acres, further up the street on Pemberton Hill Road. That parcel of land is undeveloped, zoned agricultural and will require a gravel road and utilities hook ups before a move to the site can be made. The city has made some promises with help. That takes time and talking over the last six months with all kinds of people, there seems to be a lack of support by some officials with the city.

    Sucks, because it really only hurts the kids. There is a huge soap opera drama kind of thing going on here with the city, the land owner, code compliance, city officials and the Trinity River Project. The losers in this are the children who don't understand why.

    Channel 4 did a story about some of the issues last summer with the landowner

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    The $14(?) million in matching funds the city dedicated for a fancy equestrian center should become an endowment for this organization.

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